The Pearson Student Coding Contest

The Contest

The Pearson Student Coding Contest is designed to reward students who develop relevant, innovative, creative, functional, and original applications that integrate with the Pearson APIs. The 2014 coding contest is open and limited to students who are enrolled in an undergraduate institution in the United States and Canada (excluding Québec, sorry!).

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First place: $5,000

Second place: $2,500

Third place: $1,000

Intern with Pearson

Ten contestants will be invited to apply for a Pearson summer 2015 internship and will be guaranteed a phone interview for that internship position. This opportunity is in addition to, and separate from, the cash prizes.

Recap of the 2013 Contest

Advice from the 2013 Winner

Dates to Remember

  1. Sept. 1 – Nov. 15, 2014 Proposals will be accepted
  2. Oct. 27, 2014* Contestants whose proposals are approved will be notified
  3. Oct. 27, 2014 – Jan. 18, 2015 Contestants with approved proposals develop and submit their entries
  4. Feb. 7, 2015 Three finalists will be announced
  5. Feb. 20, 2015 The three finalists will present their entries at the Pearson eCollege office in Denver, Colorado, and cash prizes will be decided

*Contestants who submit their entries between Oct. 16 and Nov. 15 will be notified by Nov. 24.

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